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Our company, Luoyang WenDing Import&Export Co., Ltd. , locates in the Chinese ancient capital of nine dynasty---- luo yang. As Chinese biggest and best Chinese ancient folk and religious handcrafts collecting and distributing on-line center. Those products are high quality, unique design ,cheap shipping ,competitive-price and deputize the profound culture of China, and that there are rather great customer service, prompt responses,convenient and safe shipping.
The follow are main categories :
1.Chinese Wood Sculpture;
2.Chinese Jade from Hong-shan and Qi-jia Culture;
3.Tibetan folk and religious handcrafts;
4.Chinese porcelain;
5.Stone sculpture;
6.Chinese Ancient Bronze Vessel and Sculpture;

We believe that these items could fit well within your interest and you could find your favorite.

In addition, you could visite our and our ebay store: to get their detail information about their price and freight.
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Since it is your post, perhaps you could do a Copy of your text, then delete it, open the Sell Your Stuff folder, create a new posting and Paste it in.

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