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My only concern about Auctiva store is that you can not refresh the details of your listing. For example: If you edit the listing times on ebay they are not reflected in the store. The out come of editing items is that they disappear from the store window thus not showing all your items that you have for sale. The point is that when people see the store they presume that what they are seeing are your total items that you have for sale! Personally, this could not be further from the truth as today I have 72 listings and the store window shows that I only have 35! Auctiva has been helpful by updating my account form time to time but this needs to be done automatically or we need a way we can do it ourselves. To be honest this is the only real problem I am having at the moment but it is one of real concern.
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Hi globalunite,

This process is done automatically, although there is a time lapse.

Our listing maintenance, which updates current price, high bidder, high bidder feedback, bid count, currency, and end time on your active listings page is typically done about every 6 hours.

Once your updated prices are reflected on your active listings page, they should be displayed in your store window the next time it refreshes, which it does about every 2 hours.

HI mike, Thanks for the info, but the ending time of our listings do not seem to change if altered. For instance I changed the ending time on some of my items at approximately 2200hrs GMT last night. Today at a1700hrs GMT The store is only showing that I have 51 items for sale where I have actually 88 items. I don’t mind the time lapse I know there always will be a time when it wouldn’t show everything spot on but it worries me that people think that what they are seeing in the store is all we have for sale.

Regards Ray
Hi Mike
Thanks for all your help and I wish you well with this program I understand it can not be easy but it’s worth it! A great programme, keep up the good work! Thanks once again

Ps what would be a good thing at so later date is to have thumbnails on the listed items so you can see at a glance the item you need to re-list! Just a thought!
I had an interesting problem; I decided to change my auction start price and buy it now price on an item. After a couple days the change still was not showing in store window. I filed a support ticket to have it updated. I checked it later and that auction was showing closed in the window. Now it is completely gone. I went to my active listings, and it is not there either. I don't know if this is a glitch, or something I did, but it can be a little unnerving to think that the system is not stable enough to track, hold, and update the store window. I know the server was just moved, so I hope this kind of thing is only temporary! Confused
Hi annesdragonfly,
I know what you mean I still have only 14 items showing when in fact I have 62 items up for sale. They say it’s updated but this update can take a long time up to 18hrs. But to be honest I still can not see any updates of my items. As I said before it only happens when I change the listing times. Although your problem should be rectified within this time scale I do understand how you feel! If I were you I would ask Mike or one of the team to look at your problem and hopefully they will sort it for you.

All the Best and Good Luck!!!!

Hi annesdragonfly
You will find they will reply tomorrow it seams to take about that length of time it takes; they must have a lot of people asking questions! But I think you will find it will be an on going event until they rectify the problem. What I have done is to edit my pages to tell them that Auctiva may not always show correctly so please see sellers other items. Maybe you could do something like that for the moment till they get if fixed!

All the best Ray Wink
I just might do that. One thing I didadd to my listings is that if you receive a runtime error during checkout (i've had a couple of these complaints) which is due to site maintenance, email me and I will invoice you directly through paypal. I had one customer tried for 2 days, he was really peeved. He said he cleared his cache and everything but it diddn't help. Invoicing through paypal solved the problem.
While it typically takes 4-6 hours for a listing posted via eBay to be imported into Auctiva, right now it may take 12-18 hours on average.
Sorry But it is not working at all I have waited over 2days now and the items have never come back in my store. It seams that once they have gone from the store that’s it my store is only showing 21 items when in fact I have 62 items for sale. Confused
Here is some news to all those that are having the same problems as I am having with items not showing after being edited on ebay! My friend has on ebay has come up with a way around the problem although it’s not totally satisfactory but it works! If you want all your items to always show in the store you must only list them on ebay doing this solves the problem! I did say it’s not totally satisfactory this is because doing this you can not use the scheduling feature or the re sizing feature or list all those free pics! But for some strange reason listing your items on ebay will show in the store window no problems at all, which is nice! Reluctantly I feel I must do this at least until Auctiva has fixed the problem if they ever do! I feel I have to do something because since my store window has only showed a quarter of my stock my sales have gone right down. If you know what else I could do please let me know, thanks! Confused RAY

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