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I am so confused, this is the first time ebay has rejected one of my auctions, I can't seem to find the "java" error. I will post the html here, if anyone can find my error and help me fix it I would appreciate it greatly!!!

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I just ran your auction in my html editor, and it looks pretty good. I don't think the error is in the java or html language. It's possible that your java reader is outdated - or Auctiva/eBay aren't able to process the java script. They just came out with a new version a couple weeks ago. Go to the Java website and download Version 9. It's free. Hope that helps.
I just looked more carefully at your auction. The only thing that might be causing a problem as far as java is concerned is this:

<STYLE> a.imagelink {color:#24478F;} a:hover.imagelink {color:#24478F;} a:visited.imagelink {color:#1A3365;} a.imagelink img.auctionimage { border: 2px solid #24478F; } a:visited.imagelink img.auctionimage { border: 2px solid #1A3365; } </STYLE><table width='95%' border=0 align=center class='acttbl'>

The rest appears to be straight html, though I may be wrong.
Remove your title and description text.

Post the listing to eBay.

Revise the listing on eBay and put your title and description back in using eBay's editor.

More than likely it's the word cookie. The word cookie has special meaning in web programming.

I'd first try removing just that word from your title and description with us and then list it. If that works use eBay to revise and try to put it back in. If it doesn't work do what I said above and remove the entire title and description.

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