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Hi guys,

I'm new to auctiva and the template thing. I used an existing template to create a listing and it was looking fine in the preview.

However when i posted it up on ebay, the positioning was very wrong. This only happened to the text and pictures up the top and right at the very bottom.

Here is the listing URL:

Can someone please help meee =(
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In looking at your listing, the problem is that you have all of the pics horizontal side by side. This stretches your listing out too far.

I believe if you will go into your template set up and change your pics to:

Alignment: Top
Group: Paired

Your listing will look much better. This will place the pics 2 x 2, and should cause your listing to fit into the page.

See if this doesn't correct your problem.

Thanks ninth_wave. will do that.

Does anyone still know why i have all the ebay sign in, sign out tools bunched up on the left hand side corner? It just looks so bad..Frown

And also how do you make the bottom part of the 'Posts to, Return policy, Payment details and Take action on this items' width to be the same size as the page? I cant figure it out at all..
It is the extra wide template that is the problem. Once you take BroJames advice on the picture layout, your template should reduce to normal width and all that should straighten itself out.

You can make all these changes to your active listing without having to close the listing and repost it after revising. That would cost you your fees. Check out this post for how to do that:

PS - I don't know what wenkel was referring to about the scam either. Maybe he will explain his thoughts on that.
Hi arpitvo,

I looked at your listing below and it looks great, except there is a lot of space under your pics down the right side. I DID NOT have to scroll right, in fact the horizontal scroll bar was not even available at the bottom.

My Display settings are 1024 X 768 and that is probably the difference you are getting. Take a look at your settings and see if yours are not set at 800 X 600. Go to Control Panel > Display > Settings and see what your settings are.



Originally posted by arpitvo:
hey guys me again. I tried what bro james said but it didnt work. I tried it on the new auctions i have up:

but no luck =( could it be the size of the pictures? Confused
hey guys, i tried wat you all suggested, BroJames i have screen size 1280x800 so that didnt work for me for some reason. =S

However, Chrystal was spot on lol. i changed the template and it worked perfectly!!

It was a great template the first one.. so guess im goin to have to wait till the errors r fixed.

Thank you so much guys for your quick responses. Wa such great help thank you! Smile

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