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I used TL because I am on dial up and now the scrolling gallery doesn't show up in my listings.
I also did use photobucket to host the pics because it is a little faster with my dial up.
Could that be why the listings aren't showing the scrolling gallery?

Plus, it would be nice if they showed up in my auctiva store.

I am working on getting satellite internet, it's not DSL, but still better than dial up. <sigh>

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Hi Maribell,

You would need to implant the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery (SG) manually when listing directly to eBay. Auctiva only automatically does that favor once at signup, i.e. they pull and add the SG for all your currently active listings.

There is a method to export and copy-paste the HTML code, which can be done at the Store tab (just under the SG). You can use Revise listing at eBay to add the SG to those you currently have listed. Make sure you have the Description section on the Revise editor set to HTML mode when you do the paste. I'd also use Preview to make sure it's done correctly before you submit the change.

Hope that helps.

Hey Danno,

Thank you so much for your help.
It was actually the token that was the problem.
Ebay wanted me to change my password cuz they said it was compromised or something.
It wasn't compromised at all. It was me trying to use Mr.Grabber to give I-Offer a try and it wasn't going thru anyway so I just gave up. I think eBay thought someone was trying to hack my account when it was just me using the grabber software from I-offer.
Got the token re-activated and the SG is up and going again.
Between everyone here at the forum and the cust.serv from here...Auctiva really rocks!
Too bad, I can't say the same for eBay lately. Frown

Too bad, I can't say the same for eBay lately.

Don't get me started. I'm trying to keep my thoughts pure and my writing focused and productive. A book on Corporate insanity isn't what I had in mind......see what hurting little people does to one's self control.

Glad it was a simple Token problem and you're welcome.

So, eBay T&S thought Mr. Grabber and I-Offer was a security breach. OOOOKKKKK New meditation chant...("T and S is a mess." repeat 5 x 4 times to fill all Stars)....see, now don't you feel alot Safer? Big Grin


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