Few questions if using both:
1. If you use both, do all the Ebay Gallery images have the enlarge and zoom features?
2. Is there an Ebay charge for this or is it the same as uploading 2 or more pictures directly from the Ebay listing form?
3. As part of 1, if the answer is yes, can you them not use the Auctiva super size feature and eliminate the images in the description or do the images have to remain even though you turn off the super size feature.

Thanks for any replies as I am thinking of going back to auctiva due to TL problems
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Dear dutchman48,

Thanks for posting your questions here.

1) Yes, if you enter your images in both the Auctiva Image Selection and Optional eBay Gallery Images sections, your eBay Gallery images will offer the enlarge and zoom features as long as your images are large enough. I believe these features will show up as long as your images are greater than (not just equal to) 500 px on the longest side.

2) No, there is no additional charge for using these features. Adding two or more images to the Gallery section of your listings using the Optional eBay Gallery Images section on the Auctiva lister page is effectively the same as adding those same images direcly through the eBay Sell your Item form.

3) Yes, you can choose to only place your images in the eBay Gallery image section (without placing them in the description) if you would like. In order to do so, you would simply add your images to the Optional eBay Gallery Images section on the Auctiva lister page without placing any images in the Auctiva Image Selection section above.

I hope this helps!

Also, Dutchman, what I do is put my images in both sections of the Auctiva lister page. But, when I upload them to Auctiva, I tell Auctiva to only retain the photos for 15 days. That way my images are used at the top, in ebay's image viewer, and in the body (so I get Auctiva's nice zoom features).

And, then in 15 days, they are removed from Auctiva's image bank....but they stay in eBay's image bank, such that relists (whether initiated from Auctiva or eBay) will still relist the auction, and show the images at the top in ebay's image viewer.

Depending on which template of Auctiva's you use (specifically, where within the template you choose to place the images), your listings may look poor (after 15 days) because there's gaps where the images used to be. Therefore, I always instruct the Auctiva template to place the images at the bottom, so that when Auctiva removes them, my listing viewers don't see a huge gap at the top where my images used to be.
Is there a way to have the "gallery" inserted into your description as well. I would like to have the thumbnails and one big zoomed image on my description but I just cant seem to get it right. When I try to use the options it puts the thumbnails to the side rather than below. What am I doing wrong?
Hi madscot125,

If you refer specifically to the Optional eBay Gallery images, no, you cannot have those images placed within an description - they show below the Header image on eBay, as they are eBay hosted.

However, when using an Auctiva template, there is an option in the 'Grouping' pull down menu for your images called "Thumbnails" in the 'Customize Layout' area when applying the template which will give you the larger image with your other images as thumbnails around that image. While your buyers can then click on the thumbnails to have them display as the larger image, there is no tool that will allow you to place the thumbnail images in specific locations.

I hope this helps.

- Craig

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