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Hi all
New to the forum and my first post so please forgive any lapses of etiquette! I am going to be using a custom designed template for my listings but I have just noticed in the listing page that it wants me to put in an Item description in the 'Item description' box. All my item descriptions etc are within my custom template. So my question is do I repeat my item description in the listing description field? Or just leave it blank. I guess I could just put in my one paragraph description which will also be in my custom template but am unsure how this will all look. Any advice would be appreciated. I am hiring OS staff to do up my listings and have to write step by step instructions for them so I need to know exactly the right steps to take. Thanks again. Smile
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Hi limaje62!

Welcome to the forum!

The Auctiva Lister page doesn't allow you to leave the Item Description field blank, but there are different ways you can approach this.

One way, in your custom template, as long as you don't include the template tag "[DESCRIPTION]", then whatever you put in the Item Description field of the Auctiva Lister page will not actually be included in your template or listing.

Another thing you could do if your description is the same for all items you are selling is to use our Profiles feature. You can create an Item Details Profile that has the desired description and template selected, and load that information into your listing with just a few clicks. You would just need to remove the description from the template and replace it with the [DESCRIPTION] tag. And then, in the "Item Description" field, you would enter your description.

You can find out more information about our profiles at

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team here.

-Johnnie Q.

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