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I'm trying to stick with this template thing --but I'm done with profiles - and terms frames

I found a template that I like but do not want the "terms" sections inserted. In other words I'd like to be able to use just the template that I selected and paste or type in my own stuff.
I tried to find the terms [shipping etc] sections I filled out in order to edit or delete them but - cannot seem to locate them {even though they show up on the template that I chose] I would like to delete them if I could find them.......

I click profiles - nothing -[even though I made more than one] I click Master profiles - nothing there - I click shipping terms that I know I typed - nothing there - but it mysteriously shows up in a new listing.........

Also - having no luck getting an answer on my other post in Images- Mike says to add more images to my ebay listings simply click the html icon in "saved listings" to get the html to drop into an ebay description

That icon does appear in "saved" listings- and nothing happens when I click it anyway ---but it does NOT appear in my folder images.

I don't need the image html in saved listings- because I need to "add" NEW images to an active listing - and they are in my folders.

How in the world can I get html for images that are in my categorized folders - and if it's possible just copy paste the image html into my ebay description??

I would be oh, so very grateful for some assistance. I am finding Auctiva to be such a maze -

Where does all my stuff go? In that down n dirty black hole with all my other stuff?? LOL Eek
Thanks to you nice peeples who generously help us frazzed newbies here - without getting frazzed with us. Smile
If there is such a thing as a black hole - then yipee ! I finally found a place to hide all my stuff.....
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Hi Katy,

Are you talking about an active auction? I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to do...Here are easy instructions on how to change pics:

1) Locate your listing in your Saved Listings folder, make any necessary changes, and save.
2)Check the box next to your updated listing in your Saved Listings folder and click the “Get html” button.
3) Copy the html in the popup box.
4) Locate the item on eBay and click the "Revise Item" button.
5) Click "Edit Description" then click the "Enter your own html" tab.
6) Paste the copied html in place of what's there and save your changes.

As for the first part of your post, are you positive you saved everything? If so it should be there. Regardless, if you don't want to use it, just do not click on the seller details dropdown box after choosing a template.

If I'm not getting it, I'm sorry, maybe ask something more specific??

Just a little postscript...Auctiva is EXTREMELY easy to use once you have everything set up how you want it. The tools are all there, to use or not. The problems come in when you have to correct existing auctions.
OK, back to a detail relating to the initial question...After merging the saved seller details (Payment, Shipping, Contact, About Us, Terms of Sale) with the chosen template, is it possible to then specifically edit this information for an item I'm listing?? Can I do this without changing the original seller details or creating a different "profile". And how do you change the spacing, font, size, etc. of the seller details in the template?? Any help in these areas would be greatly appreciated.

I can see how Auctiva is going to be really convenient once I get everything set up, but a little more explanation and FAQs would be nice. And I agree with Katy, stuff is really hard to find. Navigation around the site could certainly be simplified.

I feel your pain Roll Eyes
I have given up on profile templates altogether
I have made my own list of terms and will use it on a template I like which is blank except for the word "Description"

I will just use Auctiva like an image hosting service because what good are templates if they can't be edited for different types of listings or if I can't even find them once they are created.

So I scrambled around and found anything that looked like a profile and dumped it.. so now nd the listing looks fine with my own text in it.
Hope you can figure out something better but I can't
Good luck~

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