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Hi All,
Joined Auctiva yesterday and am fighting my way up the learning curve.

I'va managed a couple of listings using Auctiva and now I want to explore the email facilities which I was told I could use when I purchased a new domain name

I want to set up my new domain email adress and then display it in my ebay shop

Any help much appreciated
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Hi Gill,

Welcome to Auctiva! To set up email aliases associated with your custom domain, please click the "Store Domains" link under the "Store" tab within your Auctiva account, and click the "Configure Email" link next to your custom Auctiva store domain.

On the ensuing page, enter the email alias you would like to create in the "Domain Email" and enter the email address you would like messages sent to that alias forwarded to in the "Forward To" field. If you would like to create more than one email alias, you can do so by clicking the "Add Additional" link.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:


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