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I've done a couple of listings with variations and just checked to see if the number available has changed. It hasn't. I listed 3, sold one, and the listing still says 3 available. Am I supposed to manually change this every time something sells or is there something I'm not getting about how this works? Thanks so much for your help, Tita
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Hi tita,

Thanks for posting your question here. Once you have posted your multi-variation listing to eBay, you should see a note that says “___ available / ___ sold” next to the “Quantity” field on the listing which represents the number that are still available and the number that have been sold across all the variations of the product offered in the listing.

Furthermore, if you select a certain variation using the drop down menu(s) on the listing, you should see a similar “___ available / ___ sold” statement which refers to the number available and number sold for only that specific variation.

I would expect the values in those statements to update immediately as sales are made but, since that apparently did not happen in this case, it sounds like there may have been a technical issue on the eBay side of things which caused the statement not to update immediately for this item.

If you encounter that behavior again in the future, I recommend contacting eBay's Customer Support team for further investigation.


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