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We are trying to find out some info on a vintage toy train set and don't know where to look so any help would be great.

Thanks Wink

Louis Marx & Co. New York

Main engine stamped 391

The guy my hubby got this from said he played with this as a kid and he's pretty sure its from the early 30's

I looked on ebay and there aren't any exactly like it. This one looks older then the ones on ebay.
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I know enough to know that I dont know squat about them Smile

Assuming youre talking about electric train set - I know that the type scale it is will affect the price, so gotta be sure to put that in there (esp. if it's one of the more rare sizes.)

That's about all I know, though.

edit to add - I think it's going to be O Scale (1:48) simply because of the time period, but dunno
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