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W@W!!! Impressed!!!

I had to make a revision to a listing in ebay tonight to add some images that I left off.

I was totally AMAZED at the features they have for adding photos now. Guess I had not checked this in a very long time so am really probably behind times! (really had no reason to go there)

1. BEST FEATURE by FAR!!!! When you click browse your photos up for you to choose photos from. In YOUR search box you can actually type in what you have titled picture and it takes you right to it so you do not have to search through your file to find the right ones to load. This is AWESOME and HUGE time saver over shuffling through photos to load if you are not loading entire file at once.

2. Loading photos was EXTREMELY fast!
3. Automatically Correct Exposure
4. Adjust brightness

IF you have not tried this...W@W I believe you will be impressed as I sure was...and it takes a lot to impress me!!!

Auctiva any chance of getting any of these features soon? This all would save HUGE amounts of time for all of us...and as I mention frequently, time is $$$$.

Thanks for your considering adding these features at some point in near future.
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