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I dropped her an email with this thread's link...she'll come around.

My experience with selling lingerie..that is a chemise style gown. Are there underwires on the top? Lift and Separate is always good to put in the description. (always good, period <smile>Wink

I was just perusing the lingerie section on eBay and I can't believe that people lay their clothes on the floor and take pictures. I once saw a picture a seller had their item sitting on a toilet. A toilet! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Goodness knows if it was clean or not. <blech>

WAHM will pop in soon!
Good Luck,
Yah! Peeps take pics of clothes in some of the worst places. I'm no photo guru by any means, but I try to buy/sell things that I would wear myself if I could fit in them Wink AND take a decent pic, NOT on a TOILET, gag! Eek

I NEVER wear this type of stuff, but saw the VS tag and figured it might go for a little something. It's different for sure!

Thanks for the info and yes I do believe it's an underwire. I'll go double check. If it's not an underwire it's some stiff plastic. It's like a built in bra.

Anyhoo, thanks much! Perhaps WAHM can give some extra input.

Any clues on a title??? Besides "Victoria Secret~chemise gown~pink snakeskin (is that 2 words or one?) oh, 34B"?
A chemise is usually a little more loose fitting but it is a popular search term so I would use it Wink

Here's a good link for lingerie terms:

Also do a mpire search for a few keywords and see what you get.

I'm pretty sure people won;t be searching for snakeskin lingerie so you could better use the title space. Make sure you get in Lingerie, Sexy, Chemise, Long Gown and the size of course.

hope this helps
I doubt it's a title word. I don't sell in that category, so I wouldn't take my word on any keyword suggestions Wink

I am really wondering if it is a dress. I used to wear slipdresses in that basic style. Mine didn't have all the hoopla to accent/hold the girls, though.

Victoria's Secret makes clothing as well as lingerie and they seem to put bras/support in a lot of their garments.
Actually yes I did. It was really of no help. The material, style and pattern, make it something that wouldn't be worn out to a club, but in the bed. It's snakeskin pattern makes it something that isn't meant to be covered up, but shown off. These are all just my own observations and I have listed it as a chemise/long nightgown. Hopefully using gallery will be of benefit, though I'm not sure how much.
Thanks for all input, it was greatly appreciated! Cool

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