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leahyrlw - no, gegy was its own demon.

@ all -

some more history on gegy (sorry, dont know what's on that link above to vendio forums, it wont open for me - my isp is having probs today and 1/2 the net is inaccessible)


Shortly after Gegy went online it was revealed that the auction company was little more than an email address harvesting front for spammer Auctioneagle. When their ISP pulled the plug on Auctioneagle for spamming violations, Gegy went with it. That's why there was no big announcement.

This all happened back in 2001.

gegy came back and started selling movies, music and games (not the auction gegy, same owner though, diffent angle). and they offered reseller opps. They just went down in June or something.

quote:, a new online auction site in Beta testing, yesterday admitted a relationship between themselves and, a site that was taken offline for spamming users. AuctionEagle, an online auction email newsletter, was closed down by its ISP for sending unsolicited email to users.
. . .
According to a July 2nd statement issued by founder, Troy MacDonald, "Gegy Inc is in no way associated with, owned by or for, or in partnership with Auctioneagle. com. We did not request that they write an article about, nor were we contacted by any employee at for our comments or input for the story."

MacDonald contradicted part of that statement yesterday when he wrote, "I approached management of Auctioneagle about their business and their large membership. I saw many previous articles on auctioneagle that had received tens of thousands of views, and knew of their large membership base. A deal was reached and I purchased a small block of ownership in the site and indeed promoted the site on a very limited basis as a result."

gegy founder speaketh with forked tongue
Honestly I wouldnt mind if someone made eBay compete. Maybe then they would improve their almost non-existant customer service and lower their crazy fees.

I don't know if wagglepop is going to be the one to do it though. Considering their incredible failure the first time, and how much pure infastructure (servers, bandwidth, etc.) needed to support the kind of traffic a site to rival eBay would need, it seems unlikely they will be able to handle it.

That and the fact that they essentially just downloaded eBay and changed all the words "eBay" to "wagglepop".. the amount of directly copied material is ridiculous. I wonder what eBay will do when they notice that?

Besides.. what kind of name is wagglepop anyway?? Razz
They've (Google) has their payment system up and that will compete with eBay.

From there, it's good to go!

I believe that Google is THE only one that can successfully compete with eBay. And let's face it...everyone Googles. <smile> Sounds naughty!

Anyhoooooooooo, That's my own take on this of course. You'll need a mighty big stick to knock that one off it's big horse.

My Best,
i truly think google is working on competing directly with ebay. which i honestly hope they do. i dont want ebay knocked out of the water, but they do need some competition in order to get them to get their act together.

so far, what little google has done seems to have them worried. they are at least appearing to start to care a little bit. course, that's also because their stock prices have been plummeting (sp?).

for the longest time, ebay has been worried about immediate stock price, and not looking at the long term picture. (unfortunately, many companies do this same thing) And it's finally starting to catch up with them.

as for OP and gegy and WP. patrick - either you're just being silly, or you need to lay off the crack pipe Big Grin
yep.... its best for all sellers... to get set to shut down all their other non ebay sites and go with the google system for the best competition against ebay....really just maybe have ones own website to get the buyers from ones own marketing and for ones who want to see the items and buy as easy as possible....a website of one sown or maybe blujay which is the next closest thing to ones website that is free and where sellers have looks like ebay is seeing whats coming and trying to make moves to limit the damage... but big damage is on the way.... UNLESS... the USA govt lets these corporations buy each other out and ignore the monopoly laws.... then just throw every single incumbant out of office congress and white house..... so we need to get set to work with google on their efforts at giving ebay competition... put ones items to sell THERE...

Gegy.. was started by a powerseller from ebay... said he had a 7 figure advertsing budget and was finally gonna be an alternative to ebay.. put up a giant green monster to start off with.... before everyone told him to keep that off...... ha ha ha.. he was caught in many lies... but so many people were so excited and sure.. same as with wagglepop and ray a powerseller also...seems like the new wagglepop is wanting upfront money for the stores.... ha ha ha ha.... he must have took a long breath and saw where many people would have paid him some money.. and he seems to have come back with doing it this way.... sounds like grabbing the money and then letting it be nothing....

i'm a POPPER thru and thru til the END!!! ha ha ha

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