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OK I am now ready to take the plunge and open up a ebay store. I have a few questions.
I have been using Auctiva for awhile now and I have loads of inventory listings.
1- What is the easiest way to get these listings listed as ebay store buy it now items?
2- How do I set up the store only items to relist automatically after 30 days and is this the best way to list store only items? Do I need to make a relist profile?
3- Will I end up with multiple inventory listings for each item, one for the store only and one for auctions?
I have been reading the Boards and I am getting confused on these issues.
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Hello Glitz before making that leap into the vast world of feebay you might want to look at this first. Also read the message boards on ebay to see whats been taking place as of late, and get some real dollar figures as too just how much that store is really going to cost you, it's not just the listing fee's but the store fee's the paypal fee's and if your going to accept credit cards theres some more fee's for the paypal payment pro acct. heres a link to where a good number of the ebay power sellers are going.
and here is a link to the list of power sellers that are opening an Auctiva store front
Good Luck and hope this gives you some insight.

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