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I just started yesterday. My listings were doing all right until my scanner broke down and I needed to watermark some of my regular listings. I had trouble with another seller who regularly takes my listings. I just found out from someone on ebay that if I listed through you that this might deter image theft. The first thing I need is to re watermark all my photos so she can't lift them anymore. Some of my watermarks were off to the corner and she would just remove them by resizing or doing something to the photo and then she would put her watermark on it and turn around and claim it as her own. She even had one of my listings removed recently with my watermark on it. I marked 5 the first night. I was able to get someone on the phone. Tonight the others have been added on and I need to mark them. How do I get the images on the change image page? When will this go into effect as right now my auctions were started on Ebay don't look changed. I'm trying to learn a bit every night.
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Hi watermarking your images wiil not affect live listings it has to be done before they are used in a listing.

Depending on the nature of the wares I watermark diagonally across the centre of the image which is the most difficult to remove.

However if the offender would otherwise use poor images they could just roughly erase the mark and blur other parts of it.

Unfortunately if someone can display your image they can thieve it by various obvious and less obvious ways.

To change live listings you will need to update the saved versions then use get HTML from the saved folder for that image. Copy then paste the HTML into the live listing via ebay -> revise item.

Preview before committing/submitting in case you have broke something.

No bulk way of doing it.
I list the same items over and over. I have 6 listings watermarked for the future listings. I just need to know how to watermark the other 12
for the next week of listings. You see only 6 are on the image managing page. I can't mark them unless they come up under image management.
How do I get the rest of my images under image management so I can watermark them for future use.
I think there all uploaded now. I just can't pull them up when I try to manage images.Another seller has been selling my stuff for years. I mean she image thefts a lot from me is putting her name on my images bigger than my watermarks are. Between that and her photocropping she has fooled ebay many times and has twice had me fighting for my own photograph or scan.
Were they uploaded into folders ?

What do you mean selling your stuff for years ?

Are the images the items for sale or are they images of the products you have for sale ?

If the latter bearing in mind you cannot stop her thieving them without an excessive amount of work and no doubt very slow and lethargic assistance from greedbay is it really cost effective to spend a lot of time trying to stop her.

Ok she is using (thieving) your time by thieving the pictures but she is also taking a lot more of your time trying to stop her which is virtually impossible on greedbay.

She can probably damage you more and reduce you as competition by getting you stressed and wasting your time, business can be dirty and some sellers have no scruples, ethics or morals, just greed at all costs.

In which case she could win here by driving you into the ground mentally.

I would consider whether it is worth the effort, think, which affects your bottom line more her thieving or your time being wasted ?
It's a nightmare alright. I'm handicapped and maybe a lttle older then some folks. I can't work and am not old enough for social security. I need every dime I make. I have gone to VeRo through a fax now. California I suppose. They are 3 hours behind us in Florida. I spent $10.00 making copies trying to figure out VeRo and having an office supply store fax the info to VeRo which I suppose is on pacific time too.
This is an old post. I want to say through auctiva and the fact that the seller who was stealing my images stole one from another seller, I was able to stop this photo theft. All beleive it or not by the same individual. I also have a new scanner with watermarking features She only knew this one way to steal an image. Thanks to another seller who saw my plight on the ebay forums. Her bracelet close up photo was stolen 3 times by the same person. Together and with the threat of legal action we stopped the phot theft after 3 years.

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