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I love Auctiva and rarely complain but the past weeks outages of pics have really created some major problems for me. I am selling items for other people and with no pics the last few hours of bidding it has cost some serious money and probably business.

I was looking on previous posts as to how to host pictures elsewhere while still using Auctiva to list and load onto ebay. Here is an answer I found to using Photobucket from last October:

"You can enter photo URL's now by clicking the box in the HTML editor below the "Font" selector box in the HTML editor. It's a picture of a mountion with a moon/sun over it.

Then in the "Picture source" text box type in a full URL such as:

It then inserts that picture directly into the part of the description where you are editing.

You then wont use any of the image boxes below.

It's not a great solution because you wont get a picture icon or eBay header image though, but it will work."

Is this answer still valid or has anyone else found another method to host elsewhere? I am sure the solution is probably not painless but I really need a more reliable way to host pics right now without switching services. Even if I have to take all of my pics over again, I will do it.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help! I am sure I am not alone on this.

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So I was just testing out the solution I posted above from a previous post and it does not look a viable option. When I click on the mountain icon, it wants me to upload images but I do not want them hosted on Auctiva.

Is there a way to send a listing to Ebay and then once there, revise the listing and switch the pics to ones hosted elsewhere? Yeah, I know that would be a pain but I am just trying to find solution to my no pic problem.

Again, any help would be appreciated!

I am bumping up this post to see if anyone has any suggestions in re: to this matter. I am sure that Auctiva wants us to continue to host with them so I doubt I will hear from them but if anyone has any suggestions as to what I can do please let me know or you can email me at

If there is not a way to host elsewhere, then I will be switching over to another site as soon as I can move things there but I REALLY do not want to do that with all the time I have invested into Auctiva and the great people here. I just need more reliable hosting right now with the items I am selling for other people... that is just my bottom line right now. I am sorry.

Thanks again in advance for any help you can give me.
Is there a way to send a listing to Ebay and then once there, revise the listing and switch the pics to ones hosted elsewhere?

Sure--I do it often. It's simple, but yes, painfully tedious to upload to another site, get HTML the copy & paste & try to get them placed where you want within the listing,'s how....
once you've uploaded to a host, get familiar with whatever method they use to "creat HTML" as you'll need the string of HTML with the photo location; it starts with <img src> or some such gibberish, NOW,
have the picture host window open and an eBay window open so you can flip between them alternately and...

On eBay,
go to the DESCRIPTION,
go to the HTML tab & click it
when you see the gibberish, it's your auction in HTML gibberish, so try to weed through it and find a good spot to plunk the <img src...> string that you have copied from your host.

That's IT! Then you can PREVIEW or just click the tab to the left of the HTML button on the page you're on to see what it looks like!

The thing I love about this is that you can drag & drop those pix ANYWHERE in your auction! I like to stick one in every paragraph sometimes & it's really simple! (with Photobucket anyway). Also, Photobucket has new "gallery" type features and they have a generous free storage space--it's free up to a certain amount of bandwidth--that is, it doesn't matter how many pictures you have, but how often they get clicked & used. I've never reached my bandwidth limit, but I am a rather small operation. Still, worth a try & VERY reliable!

Oh, and the header & gallery pictures can be uploaded directly from your computer or you can also paste the HTML string that starts with "http://" on the eBAY page "Edit Pictures & Details" - I think it's the tab called ADVANCE PHOTO SERVICES to load directly from your computer or "your own photo host" to use the http string.

Good luck!
Thanks so much for your reply! The past two days I have been working and working on this very issue. I am SO html challenged it is not funny and I did find photobucket's html generator very helpful to place into a listing. It is very tedious and time consuming but I really need reliable pics right now. Sales are down a bit for me so I need as many things to right as possible and having no pics the last few hours of an auction is just not good.

Again I appreciate your respone and for the time you took writing it. I am sure it will also help others going these same issues!


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