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Hello Community,

BattleBids has been a fun little listing add-on since we introduced it several years ago. However, we've decided to retire this feature early next month as we focus on developing other tools designed to help you sell more, in less time and for more profit.

We will stop appending BattleBids to your new listings after Nov. 9. Saved listings that you re-post after Nov. 9 will also have BattleBids automatically removed. However, if you'd like to remove BattleBids from a saved listing before this date, you can do so. Simply:

* Open the saved listing you want to revise.

* Scroll to the Item Description section of the listing.

* View this section in the HTML format by clicking the "HTML" link.

* In the description, look for the start and end tags for the BattleBids script, i.e., <--BBG Start--> and <--BBG End-->.

* Highlight the segment of HTML from <--BBG Start--> to <--BBG End--> and delete it.

* Click the "Save" button at the bottom of your listing to save your listing, or click "Post" to post/schedule it without BattleBids.

We hope you enjoyed BattleBids as much as we did. Stayed tuned to see what other features we come up with.

If you have questions about BattleBids, please contact Auctiva Customer Support; they're always happy to help.
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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