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going to froogle... putting in a search for plus size lingirie..... and wham has 2 items on the first page and another 2 on the second page..... and when one clicks to see!!!! wow!!! perfect and vibrant and very quality and valuable looking.. AND one can see another 5 items for a buyer to buy also from the same click.... ALSO another biggie... FEEDBACK so prominent and easy to click and see non confusing great feedback......

a seller can with blujay make a NEAR PERFECT website where buyers will absolutely LOVE,,,,just wait they WILL COME....clicked one from ecrater and man what a HUGE difference!!...

wham ya may want to think about how to sell more to canada and europe.... the reason is their govts are not as controlled by the robber barons who are in the usa destroying the middle class which harms all of sellers...

wham when you get rich send me a dollar ...
I THINK your ship finally is about to come IN!!! and couldn't happen to a more deserving nice person...

but all sellers need to think about selling more to canada and europe if the shipping is not too high....
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I think that was a typo on his part. Patrick was just trying to say that my items listed on BluJay are coming up strong in searches.

I've listed on eCrater for over a year now and my items that are the same exact thing never get as good a placement as the ones I put up on Blujay.

In a round about way, Patrick is saying BluJay is a good thing Wink

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