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I just started using Auctiva and I opened a case on Sunday asking for the shipping rates that Auctiva provides. This open support ticket has gone on now for 4 days. It seems support has no idea what the discount is.
Can someone tell me what the discount rate for USPS is from Auctiva (Endicia)? eBay gives a nice discount and I'm looking to see which service is the least expensive to use.
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Hello Jynks -

our shipping rates are competitive with other online shipping rates, which tend to be better than those of USPS directly. Unfortunately, there is no specific percentage discount amount we can provide you with vs. another service as there is some variation. I can only recommend that you check for an item you have sold using the Calculate Rates button on the Shipping Label page for an item on your eBay sales page and compare that rate with any service you are interested in using.

While I realize that this is not the specific answer you are seeking, we are unable to provide such a specific answer regarding the pricing of our shipping labels.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

- Craig

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