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Ok a few month back eBay blocked my account, so to counter this i decided to buy me a website and sell my stuff on there, well I didn't and decided to fight for my account on eBay, I won. But now I have a website that is pre-paid for. So After a few months of not being in use I decided I needed to do something.

So here the plan/idea sell the site as a info product, or sell the content of the site as a info product.

But the problem was, If I do that then anyone will have access to the site. So I decided to sell access to the site.

Ok I had the idea, then I started breaking down the idea, offer the content on the site at different levels. So I have 3 level, one with the lowest amount of content and costing the least, then theres the highest level with the greatest ammount of content, costing 5x the lowest.

So with that done, I then started to think about what will be the content.

First thing I thought of was eBooks, I have a large ebook library, so at each level their will be a certain amount of ebooks offered, that can be sold.

Next re-selling access to that level, and the below level if its a higer level,

But here is where Im getting stuck, no one is going to want access to just ebooks(though my site will have a different format for selling ebooks, and a ebook selling guide).

Now I know that at the highest level I want to offer updated content, thats provided by the user(since better content will offer a better product for there customers as well)

But I want something more, any idea?????
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