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I came across this seller and they give neg Feedback if you don't leave them feedback within 10 days!

Seller's payment instructions
Please remember to leave feedback! I will leave feedback once I have received feedback. If feedback is not received within 10 days....negative will be left. Please remember this policy of 10 days for feedback. I have had an issue with others not leaving feedback and they left negative for me because of their neglect in reading the checkout instructions. Thanks for shopping.

I read their feedback and the seller leaves feedback like...Fast payment..does not leave feedback...they normally leave a netural...

Wow!!! What do you think????
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I would assume that you need to tweak your browser settings.

Which browser are you using?

Java recently (within the last 2 months) upgraded and it's playing havoc with ALOT of people on the net.

Also FF upgraded which some persons are saying that affected their being able to properly view links.

Or it could be your firewall setting? Are you on a network? Which virus software are you using?

I'll be happy to walk you through alot of this if you'd like to email me at
Suthrnjewl at Suthrnjewl dot com

Take care, Donna
This seller is shocking, forcing people to leave feedback isn't going to give him (or her) the best comments and as you've said it is against eBay's policy. Also it could put off potential buyers because they will be able to see the feedback that he has left for other buyers.

I have a policy of not leaving feedback until I have received feedback. I clearly state this on a note that I put in with my items and ask members to contact me prior to leaving feedback if they have any problems. I'm no expert but I've not had any problems yet. If they've not left feedback after a week I send them a polite message just asking if they've received the item. I think this is quite subtle and polite and so far it has resulted in positive feedback being left straight away, which I of course reciprocate.
Hi Super - I also leave a note with the item (on the packing slip), stating somewhat the same things you do. I just want to clarify: When you send your followup 'polite message' asking if they have received the item, are you NOT mentioning feedback at that point and just hoping they get the hint? It sound like that's what you're saying. If that works, then maybe I will adopt it since my little note is often not effective.
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When you send your followup 'polite message' asking if they have received the item, are you NOT mentioning feedback at that point and just hoping they get the hint?

exactly - I don't mention feedback at all. They get a message in their inbox asking if they got the item. If they then log into eBay and get into their My Ebay page they get the "you need to leave feedback for 1 (or more) item(s)" message.

It's a beauty. Wink
Hi Everyone! I guess I confused some of you, I did not leave a link to the seller on a public forum, I didn't think that it would be right. The link is MY store. Sorry, just wanted to let you be aware to always read everything in a listing, just so you won't be caught off guard.

I don't think this seller will last long anyways, with policy and threats like that. They have not thought things out well, what if the buyer is on vacation, works alot, sick, computer breaks down, etc..

I might have saved this seller somewhere, I will take a look. If I find the ebay ID name, I will let you know. I won't post it public, but you can PM me, and I'll let you know.

I am pretty sure I put them on my buyer's block list, to make sure they never buy from me either!

Donna TOO!

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