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2 things jump out at me right away....15.00 for shipping looks WAY too high, because it looks like you're in the U.S. but your not (second thing) You're member ID under advanced search lists you in Israel. You can get suspended for having United States in your location line.
Your listings are beautiful and well put together, but if I bought from you, then found out my package was coming from Israel, I wouldn't be very happy at all. Other than that, everything looks very good, clear pics, etc.
Please don't take offense, there's absolutely none intended, but you DID ask.... Smile
thank you for your respondence Smile
but i have some questions.
A.way do you think if i from israel it's problem ?
B.way if you bought from me you wouldn't be very happy at all ?
i can promise you if you will buy from me you will very happy because you get finest quality clothes including shipment cheaper from the cheapest boutique in israel.
I'm sorry but if I believe my package is coming to me by someone in the U.S. then to find out afterward it was coming to me from another country (not just Israel, but anywhere) Then yes I would be unhappy. (I would also not be obligated to complete the sale--per Ebay policy) Shipping times are MUCH longer...listing your location in United States when you are not is a reportable offense and can get you suspended.
People want to know UP FRONT where their packages are coming from. I do not buy or ship outside the U.S. any more because it takes too long and many countries do not have tracking capabilities for the packages and no way to be 'confirmed' through Paypal. Sometimes it's too risky.
Hi yzc will input a bit to 8880 was saying. In your listing you show
Item location: jerusalem, jerusalem, United States
Your item unless I am missing something is not located in the United States but Israel, eBay could look at this as a deceptive item description.
As for being unhappy about the item coming from Israel I am pretty sure 8880 is referring to the length of time for the shipment to arrive. International shipments take much longer than domestic also your buyers may run into having to pay customs duties on top of the purchase price.
Sorry for putting words in your mouth 8880 but you and I do seem to think alike on most things. Big Grin Gotta be that ESP!
Please clarify further if I was wrong on any of the salient points here.

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