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Well here I sit new to Auctiva and wondering why I even bother. Hmmm, another "FREE" site. My first experience with listing my first item about a week ago almost sent me packing then but I "finally" figured everything out and posted my auctions and "WOW", they looked great and I was impressed with them.

I start to work on another group of listings this past weekend and as alot of you know, what a nightmare that was. Three hours of work and time and nothing even posted(Lost Money). I attempted again last night and guess what? Runtime error, so once again no new postings.

Now here is what I cannot understand! "Auctiva", you have been around for a few years now and just as all other sites there are needs to update and improve things with your site but to continually have to do it is unacceptable.

I read a post made by "CEO" Jeff that the problems over this past weekend has been an ongoing problem and have warned that they would move to another facility if it continued in the next few weeks. "WHY" wait??? you are losing money as well as your customers losing money.

"Auctiva", you have alot to offer here with your site and different products which I would love to purchase (Sellathon Tracker) but why would I want to invest money into something when the regular "FREE" program is not capable of preforming properly?

I have read through post after post here on the community boards, even some from way back, and have come across many many post of aggravation and despair with different functions of this site and for the life of me, cannot figure out why a company would allow itself to continually operate in the function that it is.

I spent last night opening my ebay store and posting listings through ebay, yes I spent a few extra dollars in doing so but it was better then losing all my time and work by listing through here so in actuality, "I saved money".

I am now tossing around the thought of cancelling my Auctiva account "already" and stay directly with ebay listing. The age old saying is "If it sounds to good to be true, then it probally is not true" is what I get from here with a "FREE" site.

To all at "AUCTIVA" you have a great product and service here and have many things to offer "ALL" ebay customers, please take the time and corrective actions to improve the current situations and problems to continually grow and expand.

Please accept my apologies for sounding rude and aggravated.


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Hi Jim, Couldn't agree more. I've tried to get an answers to simple questions from Auctiva on the subject of images, uploads and primarily transfer of listings to ebay shops - to no avail. I feel like quitting too, ebay's not a perfect system by any means but this just seems like such a waste of time to save very little cash. Good luck!
Good question. I'm very pleased with Auctiva, and constantly thank them for the awesome FREE services.

I get answers pretty fast in the forum, and for those questions for which I do not, I post them as trouble tickets and get a response within 24 hours.

Except for the bandwith problem it's been pretty smooth sailing, and I was new to eBay as well as Auctiva so I had a lot of learning to do. And Auctiva moved heaven and earth to solve the bandwidth problem with a minimum of service interruption. I'm sure that it cost them a small fortune yet did they ask for any money from us freeloaders? Hell no!

There's always room for improvement and YMMV depending on the features you need/use. But let's give credit where credit is due: the Auctiva glass is way more than half full.



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