"When East Meets West"

Are you nuts?

When you buy from Chinese suppliers, you are outsourcing US jobs to China and contributing to an exploding trade deficit. You. Personally.

You are not doing the average Chinese worker any favor, either. They work for pennies to make the products you buy affordable. They live in toxicity that makes many of them ill and deformed. But as long as the bosses get rich, the system will continue.

It's really up to the rest of the world to refuse to trade with China until they bring their standards at least up to ours.
I'm with you. I'm not always sucessful, but I try my darndest to NOT buy ANYTHING made in China. This country used to be filled with factories making HIGH QUALITY-and I stress that-HIGH QUALITY goods of every kind. Textiles, household goods, steel, etc, etc. We make nothing now, the good blue-collar jobs are gone and we're swimming in a sea of cheap, tawdry, plastic crap.
Auctiva, you suck. Your greed will be the end of you.

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