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Any one have some strong opinions in regards to when the best time to have an ebay auction end?

I've been working off the assumption that ebay buyers are home from work and at their computers at 7-7:30PM weekdays. Mornings (7-8AM) before they go off to work? Or is it weekend in the late afternoon???? Too many choices and not enough experience. I just can't get a handle on it.

I'm selling mostly new stuff: pens, gift cards, mid-range watches and assorted bargin-finds that I pick up locally or on internet searches.

Need to make rent - and I was recently laid-off
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Sorry to hear about your lay-off! I have sold on ebay for nearly 10 years, and it really depends on what you are selling when determining the right time to have it end. I used to have all of my items end on the weekend, but over the years I have found that that isn't always the best approach for every item.

For instance, I didn't have a lot of success with many of my baby and children's items (clothing/toys/etc) that ended on the weekend. I tried listing a few of those items to end during the week in the morning, and was blown away at the increased activity for those listings. Guess it was because that was when a lot of moms and dads had a little free time when the little ones were at school or napping--not a lot of free time on the weekends when you have kids!

Remember it may take some trial-and-error to find the ideal time for what you are selling. You may even want to sign up for one of the inexpensive research tools to determine what ending times saw the highest sales amounts. There's a lot out there, and most offer a free trial--TeraPeak even has a free search tool that shows some basic, but very valuable, information about recently closed listings.

Good luck with your listings!
I've been selling for 11 years. I am in the Eastern time zone. I launch my auctions at approximately 10pm my time. This means they are at 7pm on the west coast. I figure everyone is by the computer between 7 and 10pm. It has worked for me.

Also, people can use sniping programs to bid for them if they're not going to be at the computer, so that kind of renders end time irrelevant.

Those using sniping programs would be your savvy users, so the 7-10pm end time is still a good idea.

By the way, isn't "when to end" not the same as "when to list"? The auction ends at the exact same time you start it. Your only control is the number of days, not the number of hours.

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