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Heya Rock,

Thank you for your reply.

The problems wasn't with eBay but with Auctiva. First of all, all my eBay add's but one just vanished from ebay listing. As if someone has stolen them. Big Grin Of course they were still available in my eBay space. It's just they weren't displaying anymore for eBay buyers. Then suddenly they were back.

So everything is fine.

Actually Sonny that is a eBay problem! eBay pulls your auctions when you use a 3rd party listing service such as Auctiva to "Protect your account" form unauthorized activity, such as being hijacked or hacked. This is a one time thing that all new users experience.
Also be aware that when using Auctiva you may experience a 4 to 6 hour delay before your items become searchable on eBay. It has gotten better lately for me and most of my items show within an hour or so. Unsure if eBay made any improvements or what happened.
One other thing on Thursday evenings Auctiva does site maintenance from 10 PM Pacific Standard Time to roughly 1 AM PST. During this time you will not be able to list new items or work on new or saved auctions.
Overall this is a great service and can save you a PILE of money.
Hi Taz,

So it's ( once again ) those evildoers from eBay who are responsible ? Big Grin I knew it !!! Big Grin

That's fine because now everything is under control as it must to be. I'm glad it was just a temporary problem and that all of you gave me these explanations.

Now may be my galery will finally update it's original colors to the new ones I chosed yesterday ? The FAQ does say " 6 hours before any change ". I did the change there is 12 h. Razz

P.S : I can use all Auctiva options since I'm a belgian eBayer. But Auctiva does still rock and I can't use some stuff from Auctiva. So it's cool anyway. Smile

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