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ok, so someone bought something, paid thru paypal, blah blah... they're in canada, and it's a lil tiny thing, and they paid first class international which is how i planned on sending it, but on paypal when i'm printing my shipping label, it only gives me the options of priority inter. or express internat.... how the heck can i pick first class inter. if it doesn't give me the option? someone help pls., i should mail this today! thanks in advance!! Confused
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Originally posted by LORINELL:
International shipping has to be done at the post office. Because they need you to fill out a customs form. That's why you cant do it through paypal. (only domestic items can be done online with paypal).

First Class Mail International must be done at the PO, but other forms of Int'l shipping can be done through PayPal (Global Priority, Express).

Unfortunately, if you're selling small stuff, Global Priority is ridiculously expensive.
hey, thanks biscuit.... even if it is the dumbest news i've heard!! Frown i mostly sell small stuff, and i've got a bunch of auctions up right now... and unfortunately they all say i ship worldwide, which is something i have to apparently reconsider! hubby takes our only car to work, so going to the p.o. is not likely to happen often. pooh. that is really freaking aggravating.
Yep, I know. I sell a bunch of small stuff too, and we have a pretty good number of international buyers. It was pretty frustrating when we first started selling, trying to figure out how to ship Air Letter Post (now First Class Int'l) on PayPal. I thought there was something wrong with PayPal shipping, at first.

I have no idea why they don't offer it. Seems stupid to me.

If you're going to be consistently selling small stuff internationally, but have no easy way to get to the PO, you may want to consider using a shipping service like Endicia. I believe that they DO allow printing of FCMI online. I guess it depends on your volume, though, and whether you want to pay a monthly fee to have a separate shipping service.
thanks for the endicia tip, maybe i'll give that a try... i had actually signed up for it when i first started selling, but never used it so i canceled it. i'll have to see how much they are. the weird thing is, i've shipped internationally before (a handful of times), and always used paypal shipping... i guess it was always global priority, but i could have sworn i'd sent *SOME*thing air mail before... oh, well... i'll prolly start only selling intern. if it's worth sending it global priority, which will probably be, like, ....never! ha. anyway, thanks again for the info! Smile

ps or maybe i'll jack up all my postage rates and use the money to buy a car! lol j/k Wink

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