I just realized that after doing my first web based listing with Auctiva, that my listing went into the wrong store categorey. After realizing this I went back to my saved listing to revise it, and nowhere did I find a place to tell it what store categorey to upload into...Any help would be greatly appreciated..

Listing item number is 6987232823
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A couple comments here. In order to revise your eBay listing, you will need to go directly to eBay and revise it. From there you should be able to set the store category properly.

As for selecting a store category for future listings that you create with Auctiva, they should be available in a dropdown box on the lister page. However, it can take up to 6 hours after you create your account before we detect your current store categories from eBay and properly associate them with your account.

If you are still not seeing store categories, let us know.

Thanks Kevin...

I already had a bid...so I couldn't revise store category...

This Auctiva is really great...exactly what my listings have been waiting for...Plus the provided image hosting..can't beat it..

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