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I can't see the Items Specifics links on the listing page any more. Is something up? I rebooted and cleared cache but still no dice. I also searched the boards but didn't find any other threads on the topic.

I'm using Firefox 2 and created listings a week ago that are displaying their item specifics on eBay right now...

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me Neither! They're GONE! They WERE there yesterday: I SAVED my listing WITH loads of specifics. I opened it this a.m. to finalize & launch it, but they're GONE!

No, Danno, tho' normally you'd be correct about they show up on the 1-page lister after choosing a category-this time it's a 'bug'--they've just disappeared & I even tried re-selecting my category. NO specifics anywhere.

ok EDIT: Just went bak into the listing & They're THERE now, but completely blank. I had about 50 words in there with basically my whole description. Now I have to go & do it ALL OVER again.
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Originally posted by blavann:
when you choose a category a small link appears just under it.

The problem here is that the link isn't appearing after choosing a category. But randomly, it seems.

It's working for me now but wasn't working the other day. Perhaps Auctiva is making some sort of site-wide adjustment and they're moving from server to server...

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