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Hi, been setting up a new business for Bridger & Kay, stamp dealers. I have tried asking questions elsewhere, but maybe this is a better forum?

Firstly, many thanks for all you are doing at Auctiva - very impressed, especially as it is free and I can heartily recommend it to anyone who is just getting started or is listing relatively small quantities. In our first month we have turned over 70 lots, only 3 not sold, total business around $3.5k so far. Not big, but a solid foundation to work from. Started with Turbolister, moved to Auctiva - but now we are getting serious..... we want to move up to listing far more auctions and also set up a store. Reluctant to loose the Auctiva features eg profiles, scheduling but has the time come to move on? I want/need inventory, automated email and feedback, tracking etc etc, for 200+ items per month (initially). Looking at Is there a way I can still work with you but get this extra functionality? Razz
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now you are really confusing me! Confused I will take some time to read through the classic auctiva website, but at first glance, it seems that to do everything I want I may need several of your packages - which might work out very expensive. Also ...... what's happening in May? I want it now! Further info please Tom or a.n.other Auctiva staff, and any other comments from non Auctiva staff please too? Many thanks

Carole thanks: two things: 1. this isn't Carole Elliot ex Doha and Bahrain by any chance is it? 2. Why Selling Manager Pro in comparison to a third party system eg Acuctiva or Channel Adviser? Selling Manager Pro is only £15.99 but then the main reasons for moving away from eBay products (Turbo Lister) were because a. they were very clunky b. there were quite a few people who were 'anti' on various community boards and c. there was a charge for every last thing whereas with Auctiva you get free image hosting, up to 16 pictures free, free templates, profiles, scheduling. It isn't clear from the info I have seen so far about SM Pro whether there are extra charges for all these things (which immediately rings alarm bells).

Also, one final query about SM Pro, Auctiva or any other systems. We are/plan to be selling a lot internationally from our base here in the UK. For Tax purposes we will need to sort sales by country of origin of the buyer, so we can identify UK sales from others. Many thanks in anticipation of your help.
Well I suggested ebays sales manager pro because you want something now. It will do everything you need in sorting out your Post sales.

There is also ebays sales manager, which is cheaper than the pro version.

As soon as auctiva has the option for post sales management, I will use them. I haven't tried auctiva ebud system. so I can't comment on that.

I have tried other various post sales managers, and I recently went back to sales manager in ebay. It's only $4.99 month and its good value compared to others. Everything is co-ordinated with your ebay sales.

Funny that there are more Carol Elliotts selling, but No I am not Doha and Bahrain

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