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I have already purchased from an outside source, before learning of Auctiva.
So now to buy an Auctiva store, here are my questions;
1). Are you prompted for a credit card for the fee, as I don't have an account, and certainly nop balance from which to draw the fee.
2). Do most go for the annual fee, or the $19.95 full ownership fee?
3). Auctiva displayed these options for a store name; any suggestions for the best search engine hits, or other things which a newbie might forget to think of?
Thanks for your help! There is sooo much to learn that friends really help; epsecially us newbies! Confused
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I think I must be going dyslecsick! I thought your domain was My Glass Beer on first reading and that you sold beer glasses. What are you selling? It it glass teddy bear ornaments? The internet at my office is really queer, so I won't have time to check your site. I'll maybe look tonight.

If I were getting a second domain I would choose a name that said more about what you sell. Why is it "my" bear? How about or something similar. I hope this helps.


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