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I emailed support to find out why my posting pass had expired early. I come to find out that the trial version of Manager expired and also ate up my standard version time. This was made clear to me when I signed up for the trial period. I asked Heather to reinstate my posting pass. She said that the trial period made it very clear. In any case, I simply wanted to know when I had initially signed up last year. Do you think I ever got an answer. NO. I received long winded explanations that seem to have skirted the issue. She felt she was doing me a favor to extend my posting pass until January 12th but on repeated requests for the time I would have had under the standard version, I only received excuses. She tried to blame me for signing up for the trial version. All I wanted to know was how much time I would have had on the posting pass without the trial version and received nothing but grief, not to mention the fact that I am losing 3 or 4 months of posting time because Auctiva seems to have roped me into the Manager and converted my regular posting pass to the pro version. This is simply wrong and underhanded. I feel that either a refund is in order or that I should at least get the full amount of time on my posting pass. Only problem is, nobody will answer my questions. It serves Tom and company right that Auctiva will lose much of their customer base and many of their customers
probably choose other posting software. All I ask is that they give me a straight answer without trying to pass the blame for something I do not and will not use.
Heather has never been straight forward with me and in many emails has been very rude.
I for one will continue to use this software until such time as my pass runs out. I believe then that I will look elsewhere.
I do not like the feeling of being ripped off and Auctiva should be ashamed

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I lost about 3 months of Auctiva standard too. I decided to give the Pro version a try thinking that I would just add it on to my current time. Little did I know that my standard version would be converted.

The worst part is that by the time this happened, Auctive tripled the price of their service. Being a small volume seller, I don't know if I can afford to keep the service. I really like the software and would hate to lose it, but I really can't afford to spend $140. Frown
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