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I started to sell mineral specimens on US eBay in June, 2007, don't know why and when eBay billed my account Fees of July into additional RMB bill. From Sep 5 the system had kept reminding me about a unpaid bill of RMB 169.86, but there was nowhere to find this bill via the links attached in the notification, only dollar bill. So I paid for them several times even overpaid $28. But, at the beginning of October, eBay suspended my account by sending me an instructions with the same useless links of checking and paying from Unintelligibly, I got a notification of reinstating my account from the same address after 4 minutes. When I checked my account status, I found out that my account was suspended.

On Oct 3, I went to ask for help via "contact us" and filled online forms to eBay Customer Support, got nothing except "Thank you for choosing eBay. We have received your request and we expect to be able to respond in 48 hours". Then I contacted the "live chat" on eBay HK, the representative only gave me the scripted words of remitting RMB 169.86 to Shanghai Eachnet through China Post Office which doesn't make any sense at first. I had to insist my point about the unexplained bill again and again. Finally he asked me to appeal to '' and ''. So I did it, acutally have done it many times, but never got any response except the crap auto-reply message of “thanks for chosing eBay”. My account is still suspended now. Wtf!

Who the hell would like to choose such a crap?

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