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I just switched over because my current merchant account wasnt compatible with Auctiva. I went through merchant warehouse. I had no set up or application fee. I also have no cancellation fees if I want to cancel at any time. AmEx is a flat $5 a month until I hit $5000 (a special for new merchants). My discount rate is 2.09%, 25 cents transaction fee, monthly service is $8.95 and $15 for the gateway. Monthly minimum of $25. We will hit the $25 easily as hubby can now take CC's for his own contractor business as well. What is everyone elses rate? Oh yeah, chargeback/retrieval is $25
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those rates sound pretty good. theyre better than what i'm getting, that's for sure! I dont remember my exact rates offhand, but i know theyre higher than that. mine are high cause low volume, and when signed up wasnt too many people providing merchant accts to online retailers.

keep meaning to shop around some, but just havent bothered with it. lazy, i guess Wink

BTW, when you start taking discovercard, they tend to want to charge you $5 a month for mailing your statement to you (a monthly statement fee). if you have enough volume with them, can request they waive it.

They dont always hit people up to pay monthly statement fee, though, so dont ask discovercard if there is a fee. dont give them any ideas. Wink

funny thing, i've NEVER paid discovercard a monthly statement fee for online merchant acct. and online sales through discovercard have been extremely low (maybe a couple a year?). for B&M merchant acct (which processes several discovercard charges each month) discovercard recently told us that we would have to start paying the monthly statement fee, even though sales have been pretty high. we called and asked them to waive it, telling them that we dont pay that fee on our other merchant acct with them and if they insist on charging it to our B&M merchant acct we'll have to reconsider accepting discovercard at B&M. the pulled up our monthly sales volume for B&M account and waived it. seems like they told us to mail in a request through the mail, but dont remember. all i remember for sure is that they did waive it.

Sister tried to get DiscoverCard to waive monthly statement fee for her merchant acct, and they wouldnt. but she has no history with them.

anyway, like i said, rates sound good to me! if you need a hand with setting up control panel and auctiva checkout, lemme know. will give ya a hand. or if you just need something explained. some of's stuff is confusing (at least it is to me)
Thanks Steve! I found merchant warehouse by going to site and then searched the resellers. I found some were comparable to these rates but wanted a start up fee (didnt want to put money out if I didnt like the service) and also no commitment. If I have trouble with ebay again, I am not sure hubby will want to keep the merchant account for use with his company or not.

My username and password will be emailed to me on Monday, of course I did it all on Friday so got the approval just not the info from yet. So once I do, I have pending orders so I will definitely need help setting it up with auctiva! Thanks!


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