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I usually use Turbo Lister but thought I would give Auctiva a go as I like the idea of the custom templates. It seems easy enough to use however I have just checked my listings that I have done so far and have come across a problem.

Please see listing 8270930782 as an example.

In my listings I have store buttons which link through to the relevant store categories. I selected the right store category in Auctiva when creating the fixed price listing but when I click on the store buttons in my listing they are not there! I am showing only 12 items in my ebay store when I actually have 70+ listed at the moment (see my sellers items - list option) - what is wrong???

Why are my listing not being put into my ebay store?

Can anyone please help asap - it's 10p listing day and I don't want to waste anymore money.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

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