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Totally Confused

I have created the necessary sellers detail which works with my custom template.

When creating a listing all works fine if I select the template and sellers details as I create the listing.

However I need to use various details profiles to speed the listing process. This is where a problem arises.

The required custom template can be saved in the details profile but the sellers details appears not to as it always defaults back to 'select sellers details' when I reopen to edit it or try and use the detail profile.

Surely it must be possible to save the selection otherwise why have it there. Confused

Any thoughts on this please Big Grin
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Hi BroJames, thanks for your input Smile

Well I looked at what you suggested and what I thought I said and they are the same, so where is the problem Confused

So I tried again from scratch and the same problem occurred.

Anyway tried with a standard template all worked, so ok back to my custom template which is very simple with only picture, description and payment details required. Fails again. Frown

I then put in a field for each seller detail page but still only filling in the payment details and low and behold it worked. Smile

Of course unused seller detail fields are not used but apparently most if not all need to be present for the detail profile in which they are embedded to save correctly. Roll Eyes

I think we should get a fee from Auctiva for thoroughly testing thier software Cool
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