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I've used one of the templates to create my listing. It's looks nice but whilst browsing the competition on ebay I can see someone else is using the same template but they have more 'title's' in theirs - for example mine only has 'Description' as a title, where as they have Payment, Shipping, About Us etc all as titles (and by titles I mean they are part of the template as the same font in the same style etc so it's not like I can just type them myself.)

I've found how I can edit the Auctiva template but I can then see it has all those titles as standard yet on mine it never offered me them. How can I get them on my now live listing as when I try to edit it in Auctiva it just takes me to ebay to edit it?

Or am I missing something, should I have filled out some sort of standard info about shipping, about me etc in Auctiva that means it automatically populates those options in the template?

I just want my listings to have more options than just title, I want to have shipping, delivery about us, etc.....

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Originally posted by safisam:
I have setup the seller's profile but still my template (using Auctiva templates) only show description
Hi! I checked out your account and see that you were able to create your Seller Details profile. For that profile to be inserted into your listing, you do need to select it from the drop-down menu next to where you chose your template. Here's the snippet about that step from the FAQ:

"To use your newly created Seller Details profile, select a template on the Auctiva lister page and then select a Seller Details profile from the Seller Details pull-down menu, which is located directly to the right on the Select Template button on the Auctiva lister page."

Hope that helps!

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