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oh, I am frustrated....everything was running beautifully for me and WHAM as happens all to often when I use this site, I am booted out and loose whatever I was working on. Hey, my time is valuable too! After spending considerable time on a listing and with several more to go, the site goes down on this Ebay RARE savings night. And, why? Apparently deliberately for site maintenance. I had until midnight to list and save on ebay but Auctiva shuts done at 11 p.m. for maintenance? I can't tell you how many times I have come to use the site in the past year and been booted out after working on a listing only to have to come back the next day and redo everything. Happen to anyone else tonight? Seems better planning in conjunction to Ebay events could be made in consideration for your users. Now I can't list at all and lost my last listing when I went to Post it to Ebay and the site message alerting of site maintenance pops up.....AGAIN! Thanks guys!
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hello I am in the same leaky boat I worked all day on my listings, one of them had to be redone five times because everytime I hit save I would loose the whole page.then when I am finally able to list on ebay auctiva is being updated seems like they have no idea of reality the fact is they need to pay attention to ebay and act accordingly, a better server with a much larger capacity wouldn't hurt. This has happened because of all the glitches that I suffered through on this nightmareish day.Thank you auctiva I really needed this
Weekly maintenance is normally on Thursdays and should not typically take 8-9 hours.

However, over the past few weeks and for the upcoming weeks we've been running a lot more maintenance periods to help bring our systems up to speed. Some of these have been DNS changes, sometimes we've added new hardware and a lot of the work has been on updating the database, as is the case tonight.

We definitely took into consideration that today was 20 cent listing day and that alone actually made it necessary to do this maintenance earlier rather than later. If it were up to the guys working on the database, they'd have wanted to start around 9:30 tonight.

You can read more here:

I thought we went through weeks of this sort of thing last spring because Auctiva was migrating to a much larger facility with much more capacity. We were all told then that it took 'longer than expected' but that it would be worth it because we could look forward to smooth sailing due to the greatly enhanced capabilities.

Then eBay has a sale and it appears nothing has changed and our aggravation then was for naught.
:Now, now guys, Auctiva suffers from the best and the worst of all problems.Growing Pains. They definitely are in the adolescent stage their growth is out of sync with the hormones surrounding them. Fast growth is so hard on a business, because it is a balancing act and that no matter what you do, someone will be unhappy and ready to criticize. I am pleased to see Auctiva trying to move forward to meet unexpected demands. Of course, it a rocky road. Who said it would be easy. You can always list on EBay. Thanks Auctiva Princes and Princesses.
Not criticizing the Auctiva Team -- they are super individuals -- and the site serves me fine when it is up and runnning. I am questioning the timing of a deliberate maintenance down time conflicting with eBay offers to users. Auctiva is not a new site, it was founded in 1998/1999. I have been a member of Auctiva for a year now during which I've given much patience and forgiveness to the countless times I have prepared a listing only to have my time and work go to waste because of sudden unexpected down times. I never know from one listing to the next if my listing will make it to ebay. My frustration is in the unpredictability and I hope that can be resolved in the upgrades. This is my first time back on since I started this post last night about 11:30 p.m. I haven't tried to use Auctiva today yet.

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