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My head is spinning with all the new Ebay changes. The latest one, which they claim will be implemented at the end of 08 or early 09 looks like they're going to eliminate non-Ebay templates, picture hosting, counters and scrolling galleries. In other words, every seller will look alike. They will have tabs for things like shipping, payment etc.

Please, someone with more patience than I have, read through this thread and see if you read this the same way I do:
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I love Auctiva and have never used anything else to host my images, and create my listings.

I wonder if eBay is trying to eliminate Auctiva. I sell art, and I would not be able to afford to sell if I didn't have the option to include multiple photos in my listings.

Perhaps eBay wants to get paid for all those images?

And with the advent of Best Match, Auctiva's Store Window becomes even more important. It's the only way for Bidders to find my offerings!
eBay's banned link policy will only affect sites that promote the sale of non-eBay items. Thus, Auctiva will not be affected.

On the other note, I am not too worried about Auctiva's templates. To my understanding, I would agree with nahoaloha and assume Auctiva just needs to tweak their templates a little bit. I just hope that saved listings will automatically be updated to any new changes made to the templates.


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