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I'm trying to submit an eBay Motors listing. After changing the eBay Site to "eBay Motors", Auctiva updates the submission form to only allow for 1 (one) category.

However, after entering all the neccessary information to list the item, when I try to schedule the item, it's erroring out because it insists I a) can't have the same 1st and 2nd category, and b) I can't have a 2nd category.

There is NO 2nd category field available on the form, so even if I had entered 1 by accident, I can't remove it!

Why is it doing this, and how to I get it to finish scheduling the listing?

Thanks in advance
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Hi HFC3,

Thanks for posting about this problem here. It definitely sounds like something was not working correctly when you did this but I was unable to reproduce the problem within my own account by following the steps you described so hopefully this was just an isolated incident as opposed to evidence of a bug in our system.

While I cannot tell for sure since I have not been able to reproduce the problem, I believe the solution to the issue with the listing would be to reselect the eBay site you originally had chosen, remove the second category, and then change the eBay site back to eBay Motors.

If you are unable to fix the listing using that process or if you continue to encounter similar problems moving forward, I recommend contacting our customer support team by mousing over the "Help" tab and selecting the "File Support Case" option.


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