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This was posted in another thread (store window and store) and I wanted everyone to see the words..Well said!

I concur with the below except if the Auctiva crew is ever in Central Warm & Steamy Florida..I'm buying the wings and many pitchers of beer!
Thanks, Donna

Posted April 20, 2006 04:25 PM
Thank G*D this happened long enough after "the move" that the 'natives' don't seem to be sharpening their spears too much! Still, it just had to kick right after eBay's little additem glitch(Well that's Mr. Murphy for 'ya).

I'm sure Jeff and Bill have the Auctiva Armada fast on the case.

Nonetheless, there is NOWHERE else I'd rather be than here at Auctiva(well...maybe Kuaui but thats 14 hrs. away).

Jeff & Co.:
I've been around that proverbial block(once or twice) so I speak from experience when I say that it is a rare thing to find an organization as yours. One where, despite growth and hopefully success, the CEO is accessible and 'present' on the forums...most notably in a crisis. You didn't ask anyone else to take the heat...that's REAL CHARACTER and lends itself well to the title of Chief Executive Officer!

Your integrity, determination and work ethic are evident to myself and others on the forums, as well I'm sure, to those who you work with(at least the one's with any foresight, intelligence and ambition).

You simply cannot ask for more than that in a 'Partner' for our e-commerce futures[that AND unbreakable image servers ;-)].

I don't know if Jeff will ever see this and I apologize that this is not the thread for the Auctiva Fan Club but, I honestly logged in to find out about the missing images on the store windows.

Anyhow...THANK YOU! to Jeff, Bill, Mike and EVERYONE else unnamed at Auctiva for making this part of my life a little easier! Jeff, if you ever get to South Jersey the Jack & Coke is on me.
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