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A group of sellers at OTWA hold a Club99 event once a month to help drive buyers to their auctions. A group of sellers at OTWA hold a Club99 event once a month to help drive buyers to their auctions.

All auctions must start at 99¢ with no reserve and end on Saturday, April 15, 2006.

This event is a good way to move out inventory or pick up some great buys and helps bring more customers to your other auctions.

More info:

List some good 99 cent items and plenty of them for our monthly Club99 sale!

Club99 RULES to be added to the web ring site:

Club99 sellers must have a current me page with the official link.

List at least TEN auctions on April 8th with club99 in the title with an invitation or link to your me page on all of your event auctions...
Ex: Come see more club99 auctions by clicking on my me page
You can put a standard link or banner in your auction page with an invitation that takes the buyer to your seller's me page.

The goal is to get people to your me page to check out your stuff and then travel to other club99 auctions.

Please note!!!!! The official club99 link cannot be put in the actual auction, only on the seller's me page. It is against ebay's linking rules.

All auctions with club99 in the title must end on Saturday, April15th and start at 99 cents no reserve. Please do not put club99 in regular auction titles.

Club99 auctions with buy it now or 3 or 5 or 10 day durations are okay if you are going to be listing TEN pure club99 7 day auctions but they must end on April15th , too.

List anything legal on ebay.

Even though it may be tedious, check your loaded club99 auctions for current shipping information, to make sure the link works or special banners are functioning correctly that bring people to your me page. This is especially important with relisted items with old banners or information regarding past events.

Again, please do not put club99 in the title, if the price is not 99 cents.

Even if you have 99 cent auctions, you still must have at least ten with club99 in the title to be on the website list.

List as many 99 cent club99 auctions as you want or just list TEN good ones starting at 99 cents with club99 in the title. The sky is the limit! Mix and match with some regular auctions in conjunction with the sale. Just keep the title clear and the prices right.

If you don't do these things, you will be removed from the list. Mark your calendar to remind you to list on the correct day. Start early to be ready for the event.

Remember, the web ring does not work if you are on your own without links, etc, as it contains all the seller links and the current search for club99 that bring more people to you. Free advertising.

Club99 auctions offer the seller a greater level of exposure for their listings. This is made possible by our linking to other seller's ME pages. Make sure that you have the current link and logo on your me page, preferably at the top during the actual event. If you have a store, try mentioning it in your description, too.

Try putting a counter on your me page to see if people are going to it. It is fun to see how many buyers come to browse your auctions. Counters on auctions are fun to watch, too.
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