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I've been selling on eBay since 1998 as a hobby seller and wanted to take this to the next step. So I started a store last week. My store has been open only a week and I am still working my way through all it's features. I would love another pair of eyes from those who have been there to share your thoughts. I realize that my store is a work in progress, and any thing would really be appreciated.

And, if that weren't enougho, this is my first post. I've been lurking and reading all the posts I can and they have been so helpful already. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Thank you Doug!

I've made the change to Tan and I totally agree, it looks much better.

We are loving San Diego. We relocated here from Chicago 5 years ago (although, I am a California native.)


Originally posted by DLOHO:
Hi Mary,

I love the picture logo for your store. I think you could find a better color for the Store (other than green) to blend in with the picture and have a more pleasant experience. How is San Diego? We moved from Alpine in 2004 after 33 years. Way too many people for us. Good Luck with your new venture!


Cash Back !!

Cascade Coin & Collectibles

AVON Closeout !!
You are so correct Dawn,

I've changed to Tan and I love it!

Yes, I'm trying to list everyday. I just found Mr. Poster and think I will try that. I've been using a combination of Turbo Lister and Auctiva. But I really can't get used to Turbo Lister and I love the fact I can schedule my listings with Auctiva for FREE!!!!

Thanks again,


Originally posted by dllepisto:
Phewww - Mary you certainly put in a lot of time and effort in that store. Wonderful job! Being new at this ebay thing I liked your policies that you have in place, very nicely done - but I agree with Doug on the green color, maybe a soft tan???? - Best wishes for your success - Dawn
Oh Mary that scheduler for listings is just absolutely wonderful. I'm also one of those that want my auctions to start at on a certain date and time (easier with my work schedule), so whenever I have extra time I can do a listing and get her ready to go - that feature and the template feature are my favorites. However, I'm sure that I have not used every single thing that this program will do - like the file folders - I just don't know what I would use it for. But I guess if you list and sell a lot it would be a nice thing to have - well maybe I'll do that one of these days when I'm a big kid - LOL - Dawn

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