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Already Wagglepop is over doubling bidville in income from their site.. which may mean more advertizing and other goodies for sellers....

bidville has 434 stores..something like 70% would be the popular basic store at 5 dollars a month.. a total of 304 stores x 5 = 1,520 dollars... featured would be about 30% or 130 stores at 10 dollars each = 1,300 dollars

1,520 + 1,300= 2,820 dollars a month not counting the fvf fees.

wagglepop....has 566 stores and 30 are featured at 20 dollars a month and 8 are showcase at 40 dollars a month the rest 528 stores at 10 dollars each..... $5,280 a month for the basic store.... $600 a month for the featured stores and $320 month for the showcase stores... a total of $6,200 a month vs bidvilles $2,820..

wagglepop already has more ability to advertize and make better...
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Hey California Donna !!!!! I just went to each ones sites... counted the stores and saw the prices for stores.. basic.. featured and showcase.....the free sites i just wonder how they are gonna get income to grow or advertize...

also with wagglepops 5 cent listing fee and bidvilles being free.... there may be even more a wider gap in income....and with this real income beign generated just maybe google or another high roller could come in with thi company..

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