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For my auctions I like plain ol' boring Arial. For some reason the WYSIWYG editor wants me to use Verdana.

I highlight the text, choose Arial in the font dropdown and it all displays in Verdana (even though the dropdown chooser still indicates Arial). Highlight the text again, choose Arial again and it all displays in Arial. However, when I preview it's all in Verdana again.

I create every new auction via "create similar" so perhaps I intentionally tried out Verdana somewhere along the line. But, even if so, (a) why can I not just highlight the text and change the font to my liking, and (b) why does the WYSIWYG editor display one font while preview displays another?

Am I doing something wrong? This has been going on for a long, long time...
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Hi Rick,
You're not doing anything HAS been going on for a long time. I have about 3 or 4 support requests in from a long time ago, still not resolved. You're lucky you just get Verdana...I get them all, whether I want them or not. Different sizes too. Sometimes I find that switching between HTML and Standard will straighten it out. But no matter what, normally by the time it gets posted to ebay it looks like it's supposed to. Sorry, don't really have a solution...pretty sure it's on Auctiva's end.
Well, this is unfortunate! I was hoping there might be some easy fix I was just missing (although I thought it was a bit of a longshot).

The most frustrating aspect is that the problems with the editor (this is just one of them) don't even seem to be consistent. So I can't even develop a pattern of extra steps as a solution. It seems the best I can hope for is that my text will at least all be the same font, even if it's not the font I actually chose.

This is from the editor's Help pop-up:

Standard Mode

* Enter your text.
* Select/highlight the text you want to format.
* Use the buttons or the dropdown menus in the Design Center to format the selected text.

That's a basic description of how a WYSIWYG editor is supposed to work. If only it did...
hello all...

i have found lately it is just easier to do fonts and sizes in ebay after the ad is listed. its not RIGHT, but i'm finding it impossible lately to set up my ads the way i want in auctiva. whole paragraphs seem to be changing locations on the page. and when i put them back where they belong, they just jump away again. this also causes the fonts to change. i was almost thinking i should start some new description boxes, thinking maybe i had some glitches in my description body. now maybe i don't think so...

This happens to me too, on a constant, daily basis. I type a sentence into the description, then hit 'enter' then a sentence (new paragraph) under that. Well, after I save the new ad and look at it again it shows like I've hit the enter button five times, and the paragraph/sentence is no longer "centered" but to the far left. So I have to go in AGAIN and hit the delete key to get rid of the white space and RE-save it. This is ALL THE TIME. I HATE THEIR HTML EDITOR. Always have. fix it and go to ebay and it's all screwy again!! ARRRggggh!

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