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Nevermind my little imbecile, see that little icon far right with a ! mark in it.

It's the silent alarm any one can press, oh dear I just did that, not good at being discrete am I, good riddance to bad rubbish and take your past it's sell by date spam with you, regards Choo.

(I can even sign off nicely, aren't I so kind, Taz on the other hand takes no prisoners, byeeee Big Grin )
Hi, at the moment it is ok to reference to BC in your signature.

However it is regarded as inappropriate and poor ettiquette to create threads or interject a thread with a post that is off topic, and if it goes across many boards or threads without relevance to those boards and threads it is spamming.

The current spamming outbreak all relates to BC hence the term I coined 'crumbing'.

If the problem persists it may become 'illegal' in signatures as well and appears that software based filtering would be applied to a whole post, signature and title included.

Spammers are parasites who disrupt, that's all.
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Paint tags? We don't need no stinkin Paint Tags.
Dara Dork you are a PITA your posts smell like Rottweiler Doo-Doo go hide in that domestic incident hole that gave gave birth to your foul stench. By the way DaraDork do you sell fine domestic China?
Please PLEASE I beg of you go chew some lead paint chips. They may help you to regain a semblnace of sanity. You are DumDum We are hammer You are nail. Driven home and out of sight. Do your DumbA** self a favor and disappear!
Are you just so stupid that you think that intelligent people wish to hear your yammering?
Duh those F-ing Bast*rds killed Kenny, guess what DaraDork you are next!

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