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Now listing once transferred over to eBay....and when looking at them on the revise page it says there are "variations" when there are none.

This is happening on every listing now.

Top of the revision page is flagged and states....
"You added a new variation detail. Select a value from the drop-down menu for each of your variations."

There are NO variations and there are none on eBay either.

This is NOT occurring on listings created directly on eBay, only on listings being transferred to eBay.
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Hi trinkets,

Thanks for sharing the details of this new issue with us. I am not aware of any current issues that would explain the behavior you have described and, while it really sounds like an eBay issue at the surface since this incorrect message is being displayed on the eBay side of things (even though it is not happening with listings posted directly through eBay), we will be happy to look into this further if you can provide us with some additional information.

If this continue to be an issue, please file a support case from the “Help” tab within your account that includes one or two specific examples of items and we will see what we can do to help.


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