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Reply to "a few suggestions/queries from a returnee."

Hello Gill,

We have been using Auctiva for a few months now with our listings and have enjoyed it tremendously! We are looking forward to Phase II and hope the post sales management, etc. will be great to use also.

We do have an eBay store, and in the meantime use Selling Manager (it comes free with the store) for sales management. You can send bulk emails with Selling Manager, and it also does a good job of keeping track of items waiting for payment, shipment, etc. You can also leave feedback in bulk if you choose to. We currently use Auctiva to list and Selling Manager for sales management, and it has worked out pretty good so far.

When Auctiva releases their Phase II, we will take a look at what all they have to offer and decide then if we will want to switch completely or not. We would also like to use Auctiva's checkout if they are able to combine invoices sometime in the future.

If you open a store, give Selling Manager a try. After all, it is free with your store, and you can still use Auctiva to list.

I read that Auctiva's Phase II (which is supposed to include post sales management) is expected to be released sometime in May. It seems like a long wait, but some things are worth waiting for!

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