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Reply to "Design Editor 2.0 vs older design editor"

I know a few of the differences but probably do not remember them all.

There use to be a SELECT ALL button that you could select everything and the and erase button that worked with this if you wanted...that erased the HTML. there were other buttons, but I would have to see them to remember their names. Seems scissors and something else. (like 4 small buttons)

NOW. in order to do have to copy the listing into I do it on yellow sticky, others do in word I believe. You paste that, Then highlight in the text again and cut/paste it into auctiva.

I have trouble with the cut/paste working on the new I have to do PREVIEW do get it to cut/paste. I understand you can do with control and it will work also. I DO NOT USE that, as I have had it totally delete the text before.

If you post a print screen of the old page, I will look further..and tell you other differences, it is just hard to remember when I have not had it for awhile.

I do not know WHY they did not include that in the "new and improved" I see no real improvement myself. In one browers there are also kick backs not sure what you call it. ...when you backspace that I did not have problem with before. You backspace one space and it will hit in the MIDDLE of the word you did before or somewhere else that you did not go to.

Also text size if you backspace in other browser goes to smaller you have to hook onto the last character of last word to get same size letters or same font.

My advise.....DO NOT SWITCH!!!! I would never have done it IF I had been told upfront that I could not go back. I feel like I was thrown off a cliff only to find I could not get back up.

Eventually I am sure they will make you switch...but I HATE< HATE< HATE it and would go back in a snap.

Interestingly the reason I was told I needed to switch did not help the issue I had.

I think it should be a I am sure the new may have some new and improved things...I have used it for awhile now...and still do not like it.
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